Vaix is on a mission to use AI to help its customers achieve a 360-degree, profitable and sustainable user understanding.

The self-funded startup began its journey in online gaming, leveraging the extraordinarily rich data flows and their vertical knowledge of that space to create AI products and experiences that are more dynamic and exciting because they are deeply personalized.

Understanding consumers on a user level (vs. in segments or clusters) allows Vaix to provide AI models which not only provide the perfect bet recommendation to a player, and predict a player’s loyalty, but also identify patterns of play which indicate fraud or problem gambling. Firm believers in sustainability, Vaix is convinced that better detection and PREDICTION of problem gambling and similar playing patterns, together with good RG management does not mean revenue loss for operators, but ensures business in the long term, while avoiding penalties, loss of brand image, and perhaps license.

As one of the youngest startups in gaming Vaix achieved ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance audit.