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Game Design and in-Play Monitoring

Episode 1: August 15th

Evaluating your monitoring process to define your sustainable players and at-risk players

Defining a sustainable player and measuring the player journey
• What data should be collected, what should you exclude, what are you looking for? How should you be grouping players into categories and what are the next steps?
• Does a safe player truly exist? Identifying behavioural points and habits which you can use to categorise players by risk-level
> Towards collaboration: How could a collaborative approach work to produce the best possible RG strategy? What would need to be shared between operators?



Moderator: James Baston-Pitt, Business Development Manager, Onfido

Richard Wood, Director, GamRes

Paul Foster, Managing Director, Crucial Compliance (formerly Digital Compliance and Responsible Gambling Development Director at GVC Group)

Christofer Hagstedt, Chief Business Development Officer, Sustainable Interaction