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Interaction and Intervention

Episode 4: November 13th
Does the business model around loyalty and VIPs need to be re-evaluated?

• Quantifying revenue from VIPs and how many are problem gamblers
• What are the outward implications of this figure on your business culture?
• Customers migrating to other platforms (even illegal ones) instead of seeking help: what’s to blame and what can be done?
• How should at-risk VIP customers be approached to steer them towards help and away from other sites? Do you need to interact with VIPs problem gamblers differently from those of average income?
• How must customer engagement and service evolve?
> Towards collaboration: How can the industry work together to bring down reliance on VIP customers overall and bring about a model which equalizes their approach and attention to different demographics?


Moderator: Arjan Korstjens, Trainer & Speaker, Casino Marketing

Dan Iliovici, CEO, RomBET

Paul Buck, Epic Risk Management