Birgitte Sand

Director, Danish Gambling Authority


Birgitte Sand is Director of the Danish Gambling Authority. In 2008, she was appointed to her current position after being a long-standing member of the Executive Board of the National Tax Administration in Copenhagen. Birgitte Sand has been responsible for the successful implementation of a partly liberalisation of the Danish Gambling Market. The results show that the markets are now stable, highly compliant and well-functioning. The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for issuing licenses – and furthermore supervising and controlling – a wide range of gaming providers that stretches from land-based casinos to lotteries, gaming machines, charity lotteries, betting, online casino, public poker tournaments and horse racing. Birgitte Sand holds a master’s degree in Law from the University of Copenhagen and among several executive educations, she has also completed an INSEAD Executive Programme. She began her career in the Danish Court of Taxation, but has since then covered a wide range of different tasks and management positions in the Ministry of Taxation. Her experiences span from legal advice on corporate tax structures and taxation of private companies and property to the central IT department, and furthermore includes projects regarding leadership, innovation, strategy, change of organizational structures and the development of a nationwide user-friendly IT solution for salary payments. She has also been a long-standing member of the Board coordinating the nationwide tax compliance projects. Since 2011 Birgitte Sand has been a member of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) Board of Trustees and served as President from October 2014 to October 2015. She is still serving as a trustee and furthermore as chair of the subcommittee for statistics.
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