Stefania Colombo

Head of CSR


<p>Stefania Colombo is IGT Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).<br /> IGT is a global leader in CSR and Responsible Gaming (RG) programs and Ms. Colombo oversees the Company’s sustainability activities and coordinates the CSR reporting processes, harmonizing cross-functional efforts.<br /> Since 2007, Stefania have been responsible for planning, developing and monitoring RG gaming programs, including: dialogue with key stakeholders; reporting and compliance with international standards; education and awareness programs; engagement in studies and researches on problem gambling; creation and management of appropriate safety nets for customers unable to control their gambling behaviour; risk assessment for new products.</p> <p>Since 2008, Stefania has partnered with the European Lotteries on CSR/RG activities to help develop best practices for the industry. In 2015, Ms. Colombo was invited to join the World Lottery Association’s CSR/RG working group.<br /> Stefania earned her MBA, the Young Leadership Development Program, obtained at the Manchester Business School in Manchester, England. She received her undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences, with a major in Public Relations, at IULM University in Milan.</p>
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