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We are delighted to be the chosen charity partner for the 2018 World Regulatory Briefing – Responsible Gambling, CSR and the Bottom Line conference which takes place on the 17th October in the OXOII.

YGAM was founded in late 2014 by Lee Willows following his own struggles with gambling. Going through treatment provided by the National Problem Gambling Clinic and having spent the last 25 years in education and youth work it became very apparent, very quickly that there was a lack of information around the potential risks associated with gambling and unregulated gaming, when compared to other risky activities such as drinking alcohol, having sex or going on the internet. 

As a UK-Registered Charity, YGAM has a social purpose to inform, educate and safeguard young people against problematic gambling and social gaming. YGAM approaches this social purpose in three ways; firstly, YGAM aims to enhance the UK’s understanding of gambling and gambling-related harm specifically amongst young people; secondly, YGAM helps young people make informed choices through better understanding of gambling and its potential risks; finally, YGAM increases awareness of youth gambling as a public health issue with policy-makers, educators and key influencers.

Lee Willows says ‘It has been an incredible journey to establish YGAM as a creditable organisation in this space. I am really proud of what our team have achieved in a relatively short amount of time by working in collaboration with industry colleagues. As a former addict it was so pleasing to see all the major operators in the UK coming together for the WrBconference last year and hear of their commitment to work together to minimise-harm. I am very much looking forward to this year’s event to hear about the progress being made and to share our thoughts and insights on how preventative education has its place in harm-minimisation.’

Sadie Walters, Head of Production at Clarion Gaming says ‘It has been amazing to watch the progress of YGAM and I am delighted that Clarion Events are welcoming back YGAM to this year’s WrB as our lead charity partner. As part of our own Corporate Social Responsibility work, we are committed to supporting innovation in the sector and we believe that preventative education is a key aspect to prevent harm. We have operators and regulators from across Europe attending this year and are looking forward to a day of rich debate and discussion.’