Webinar Schedule

The WrB brand has long been the preferred platform for high-profile Government, Regulators, Operators and Suppliers from across the international iGaming industry to discuss current and future regulation.

Always on the pulse of emerging jurisdictions, WrB’s reactive portfolio delivers primary business intelligence into areas such as market entry, growth channels, consumer profiling and regulatory sustainability – a cost effective and crucial knowledge base in a politically fragmented environment.

This year WrB will be presented as a series of free informative webinars focusing on Responsible Gambling. Please show your support for this important topic by donating to our chosen charities, GamCare and Gordon Moody Association. 

Game Design and in-Play Monitoring

Episode 1: July 24th

How to empower and protect the customer through responsible game design and a safe environment

1) Game Mechanics
• What aspects of game design and mechanics should be avoided and how can they be modified to not create addictive habits?
2) Monitoring Tools
• How can we encourage responsible decisions through tools presented when a customer signs up, improving financial literacy and creating a seamless Responsible Gambling presence from the customers’ first interaction with the brand?
• How can the platform design incorporate harmonious monitoring tools, both for the customer and the operator?
> Towards collaboration: What’s next on the game design roadmap?


Moderator: Christina Thakor-Rankin, CEO, 1710 Gaming

Stefania Colombo, Head of CSR, IGT

Nick Jacobs, Gambling Business Lead, ThreatMetrix


Episode 2: 15th August

Evaluating your monitoring process to define your sustainable players and at-risk players

• Defining a sustainable player and measuring the player journey
• What data should be collected, what should you exclude, what are you looking for? How should you be grouping players into categories and what are the next steps?
• Does a safe player truly exist? Identifying behavioural points and habits which you can use to categorise players by risk-level
> Towards collaboration: How could a collaborative approach work to produce the best possible RG strategy? What would need to be shared between operators?






Moderator: James Baston-Pitt, Business Development Manager, Onfido

Richard Wood, Director, GamRes

Paul Foster, Managing Director, Crucial Compliance (formerly Digital Compliance and Responsible Gambling Development Director at GVC Group)

Christofer Hagstedt, Chief Business Development Officer, Sustainable Interaction

Interaction and Intervention

Episode 3: September 25th
Categorizing different kinds of interaction and what they should look like

• Interaction vs. intervention: When to act and on what data indicators of harmful game behaviour
• Where to start: approaching a problem punter in land-based vs. online situations – a guideline for success
• Matching soft and hard interaction approaches to different levels of harm escalation without turning the wrong customers away
• Qualitative data: looking at the results of different kinds of intervention and identifying which works best for whom and at what point
> Towards collaboration: What can be learned from RG tools and their experience in dealing with players face-to-face? How can these experiences be shared to facilitate a better system to communicate with players?


Moderator: David Clifton, Director, Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited

Ian Semel, CEO, Break Even

Rob Mabbett, Therapy Manager, Gordon Moody Association, 

Tanja Sveen, Responsible Gambling Advisor, Norsk Tipping AS

Daniel Reilly, Responsible Gambling Manager, Rank Group

Episode 4: November 13th
Does the business model around loyalty and VIPs need to be re-evaluated?

• Quantifying revenue from VIPs and how many are problem gamblers
• What are the outward implications of this figure on your business culture?
• Customers migrating to other platforms (even illegal ones) instead of seeking help: what’s to blame and what can be done?
• How should at-risk VIP customers be approached to steer them towards help and away from other sites? Do you need to interact with VIPs problem gamblers differently from those of average income?
• How must customer engagement and service evolve?
> Towards collaboration: How can the industry work together to bring down reliance on VIP customers overall and bring about a model which equalizes their approach and attention to different demographics?


Moderator: Marc Thomas, Partner, Propus LLC

Dan Iliovici, CEO, RomBET

Paul Buck, Epic Risk Management

David Caruana, Kindred Group, Responsible Gaming Manager

Janny Weirda, Responsible Gambling Manager, Holland Casino

Self-exclusion, Blocking and Advertising

Episode 5: December 11th 
How to On-board at-risk customers to self-exclusion and blocking sites

• Self-exclusion and blocking – what technology approaches are available and how can we define best practise?
• What information do you need to share with RG suppliers in order for them to assess the impact of the tools you are using and how you can improve?
• Understanding the data – what is the success rate of signups to these tools once an operator has clocked risk factors and intervened in a customer’s journey? What are the causes for this percentage being low?
> Towards collaboration: How should operators be collaborating with RG suppliers for a better working relationship to get 1) this content presented effectively 2) at-risk players better identified and 3) a confirmed result (e.g. the player purchases and installs blocking software)

Laura Da Silva Gomes, Director, Silverfish CSR


Matt Zarb-Cousin, Director, GamBAN

Marlene Warner, Commissioner, Massachussetts Council on Compulsive Gambling

Fiona Palmer, CEO, GAMSTOP

Barry Grant, CEO, Problem Gambling Ireland​

Episode 6: January 8th  
Responsible Advertising or no Advertising at all – what’s the future?

• What can be learned from how other industries have evolved to not target vulnerable customers and minors?
• When these advertising restrictions and blocks fail to be passed on to affiliates, exposing self-excluded players to gambling ads, what is the root cause? How can operators better manage their relationship with affiliates to avoid breaches?
• Will the advertising backlash and subsequent cancelling of gambling content in ads (GVC, Svenska Spel) contribute significantly to safer gambling?
> Towards collaboration: How can advertising foster a better relationship with sport to produce content that is sustainable, considerate of RG, and sensitive to minors watching?


Yanica Sant, Senior Counsel, Malta Gaming Authority

Clive Hawkswood, Chairman, RAIG

Martin Lycka, Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, GVC

Andrew Taylor, Policy Executive, Advertising Standards Authority

Moderator: Maarten Haijer, Chairman, EGBA